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DKK 1200

As a participant at ROD, you get a week of group games, big games, workshops, food and party. As a participant, your primary role is to enjoy the event and participate in the events that are organized during the week. 


Cost depends on pickup location

The ROD buses 2024 run both from Fredericia and Copenhagen and also stop in Slagelse and Ringe. Buy a ticket and be driven straight to the door!


DKK 200per day

You are welcome as a guest at ROD of all ages. However, we do not have guests on Saturdays and point out that you can stay for a maximum of two nights. It costs DKK 200 per Day.


ROD is something we do together. We are 200 young people who get dishes, cooking and festive moments up and running, which is why we always benefit from volunteers. And this is where you come into the picture!


As a volunteer, you get shifts of various types, including in the bar, kitchen and whatever else may be needed. You will get one shift per day of approx. 6 hours duration. We strive to arrange the shifts in such a way that you get the opportunity to participate in as many workshops, parties, fun and cool concerts as possible!


Being a volunteer at ROD is something very special and you are welcome regardless of age! It is also a good opportunity to join the convention if, for example, you do not play an instrument, are too old to be a participant, or perhaps cannot be at the convention every day.

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